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Knitting A Blanket Super-Sized

Giganto Blanket

Knitting A Blanket In Free Time

Oversized blankets are quite the fashion accessory for the home. These large, cozy blankets have a practical use as a warm cover for a bed or sofa. At the same time, they look great draped over furniture for a soft look. This popularity and the scale of the blanket mean they are not cheap. However, I have discovered a great alternative. The Giganto Blanket is a great knitting project for anyone that wants one of this products at home without the high cost. All you need are the appropriate materials, 4 hours of free time and some perseverance.

So How Do You Go About Knitting A Blanket Of This Size And Scale?


I will admit that this project looks pretty daunting, that is why I am yet to have a go myself. However, I am assured that it is a lot easier than it appears. The good news is that there is no fancy knitting technique required to create this over-sized blanket. This is what we have to remember here. This is just an over-sized blanket.

Therefore, many of the same methods apply. The pattern requires around six pounds of unspun wool roving, two large needles and a basic knit two purl two method. Once you get into the mindset of an elf, it all starts to make more sense – or so I’m told.

The reason for this comes with the sheer scale of those knitting needles. Photos and videos of people knitting this blanket make it look as those they got their needles from a giant. In reality, these needles are thick pieces of tube – or any other cylindrical material that will hold the wool.

The problem comes with the weight and awkwardness of the method. This is another reason why I cannot speak from personal experience here. I fear I just don’t have the upper body strength. You need good arm muscles to handle the needles and heavy wool for that length of time.

Speaking Of Time, Can You Expect To Finish Knitting A Blanket This Big In Less Than 4 Hours?

Beautiful Blanket

Yes and no. Some people will finish this with time to spare and others that will take longer. The important thing to remember is that it is possible and there are only 720 stitches to create. Experienced knitters with plenty of strength can finish this in 2 to 3 hours.

This means that less confident knitters have an hour to spare and room for breaks to rest their arms. If you want to try it out and time yourself, you can see if a 4-hour target is beatable. Otherwise, simply enjoy the new knitting experience.

There Are Pros And Cons To Knitting A Blanket Like The Giganto Blanket

This project won’t be for everyone. It takes some determination and confidence to tackle stitches and needles this big. However, the process is easier than it looks and the results are great. In the end, you could save lots of money with a home-made statement piece and have lots of fun knitting. Just be careful when friends and family find out you can make them.


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