Whistling In The Dark Spring Cleaning Tips For Cleaning Red Wine Out Of Clothing

Tips For Cleaning Red Wine Out Of Clothing

Cloth Cleaning

Stain Removing From Clothes

Stains and dirt are an unavoidable inconvenience with our clothes, but some are worse than others. Personally, there is nothing more annoying than red wine on a beloved knitted sweater. The good news is that red wine stain removing is easy with these cloth cleaning tips.

The First Piece Of Advice That I Have Is To Think Fast!

The last thing you want is a big stain of merlot ruining your favorite sweater. In an ideal situation, you will take it off straight away and start the cleaning methods while the wine is wet. The longer it stays there, the chance it has of sleeping in, drying and becoming a permanent issue. This is easier said than achieved depending on the circumstances. It is easy to whip off your top and change it for a new one at home, less so in a restaurant.

So What Happens If You Are On A Date Night Out And Can’t Remove Your Top Straight Away?

Stain Removing

There are few tips that you can use to deal with the stain then and there. You won’t be capable of removing the stain entirely, so you may still look a mess. However, you can work on it a little to stop it from getting worse. The first step is to take a piece of cloth, like your napkin, and dab at the stain to blot out excess liquid.

Don’t be afraid to ask the waiter for the kitchen towelI find that works much better. Be sure to dab rather than rub. Rubbing just spreads and embeds the mess further. Another top tip that I learned is to use salt. I find this is great at protecting the fibers from further damage. There should be some on the table so shake some onto your fingers and dab it in.

It may look silly, but you will appreciate it later. An alternative stain removing method I have heard is to use white wine. However, having just spilled red on yourself, ordering a glass of white just to fix the problem may be extreme.

What Should You Do When You Return Home?

Once you are in the privacy of your home, you can start the most intense cloth cleaning measures. Start with a solution of baking soda and water. This paste is added to the sweater to further draw out the stain and begin to clean the fibers. Once again, this is easier done when the stain is wet. If you are dealing with a dried in stain, you might need to soak the garment for a while for a deeper clean.

I choose club soda in this instance. Much like before, I have heard tales of people soaking their jumper in white wine to neutralize the problem. This surely depends on two factors: how important is the jumper and how expensive is the white wine? Seems like a loss of alcohol to me when club soda works just as well.

Finally, There Are Some Other Cleaning Methods And Products To Turn To Get A Great Finish

So far we have looked at all the natural home remedies for removing red wine from a knitted jumper. There is a good chance that these treatments will work on their own if applied correctly and in enough time. However, they won’t be completely effective on larger, dried in stains. Sometimes we have no choice but to wait a while to deal with the stain and need something stronger.

Find an appropriate stain removing product that you trust, follow the instructions carefully and let the chemicals do the hard work. Once this process is complete, you can put the jumper in the wash as normal. Be sure to use an appropriate laundry detergent and cycle. Once clean, leave to air dry just in case there are some spots you missed. A tumble dryer will make the situation worse and may not suit your sweater anyway.

Removing Red Wine Stains From A Knitted Jumper Is Simple. The Only Problem Is Timing

As you can see, the cleaning methods required for dealing with these red wine disasters are pretty easy. I have chosen items that are easy to obtain and use for a quick, clean cloth cleaning result. Club soda is go-to in our house, but the salt trick can help when dining out. The only issue with this stain removing process is dealing with it early enough. Get blotting and pasting while the wine is wet for the best result.


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