Whistling In The Dark Product Reviews Review Of The Margaritaville Mixed Drink Machine

Review Of The Margaritaville Mixed Drink Machine

Margaritaville Drink Review

Best Margaritaville Drink Machine Review

Margaritaville Mixed Drink Machine are big business for Jimmy Buffet’s growing empire.  We all want to be able to create the cocktails associated with the Parrothead lifestyle and make them with ease.

There are many machines designed to offer large batches of frozen concoctions to large groups. However, the new Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker takes a slightly different approach.

My Margaritaville drink review will take a closer look.

Why Have A Single Cocktail Mix When You Can Have 48?

Mixed Drink Maker

The main selling point with this Margaritaville Mixed Drink Machine is the fact that it creates such a wide variety of drinks. There are four different containers in place that allow users to add four different liquids. This means that there are lots of different combinations to take advantage of from one machine.

Multiple containers mean that your guests are not stuck all drinking the same thing. There have been complaints about limitations to drinks options. I find this a little strange when comparing this versatile option to a machine with one big reservoir. Some say they wish they could use more than cranberry juice, OJ, and Sour Mix.

However, this Margaritaville frozen drink machine has the ability to switch alcohol (say tequila for rum or vodka) allowing the machine to create 48 different combinations. Would Jimmy approve of those recipes? They were apparently all created by Margaritaville bartenders, so I hope so!

This Is A Smarter Machine Than You Might Expect

Having 48 combinations is a great benefit that we can all enjoy with this margarita drink maker. It is pretty intelligent and great fun to play with. The computerized system can mix drinks with a simple press of a button. One extra touch then allows it to create a stronger double shot.

One feature that is ideal for Margaritaville parties is the roulette-style “I feel lucky” feature. Let the display spin and see which recipe it lands on. The machine is mostly automated, so there is no concern about having to play bartender all night and worrying about complex processes.

This meant to be for home hobbies, after all, not professional catering. Most guests can sort themselves out and just call on you to refill the tanks when needed. On that note, the machine can recognize when we remove these tanks. This prompts it to flush out the system, removing all traces of vodka in preparation for rum. This means that you do have to be careful about collecting that drink mix.

Is It Too Smart For Its Own Good, Or Just Smart Enough To Keep The Party Going?

Thankfully, this is one of the few issues that I have experienced with this Margaritaville Mixed Drink Machine.

The another issue is the size of the drink. It claims to hold 16oz cups – because of the 8oz drink and need for ice – but some glasses don’t fit.

A few practical issues aside, there is no doubt that this machine is a great option for Margaritaville parties. Guests are able to come out of their comfort zones by experimenting with many drink options.

Furthermore, us hosts are not left tethered to it when we have other things to do. It is, therefore, the opinion of this Margaritaville drink review that this machine is smart, versatile, fun and highly recommended. Now you will be ready for your Cinco De Mayo party!


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