Whistling In The Dark Home Hobbies Prepare Your Home For The Holidays

Prepare Your Home For The Holidays

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Crafts And Home Hobbies – Christmas Holidays

When is the best time to start preparing for holidays? It all depends on how laid back you are. I like to start on my craft projects early so that there are still a fun hobby, not a chore. Crafts and home hobbies make Christmas even more special, and there are many ways to incorporate them into your celebrations. I have compiled 15 top tips for decorating, crafting and welcoming guests. Let’s start by looking at some top ideas for papercraft, knitting, and baking.


Christmas Cards

1) Make Christmas cards thank you notes and place cards early in the month. This means you have time to craft them with care and come up with intricate designs. It also offers spare time to make more in case you forget someone. We’ve all been there.

2) Make decorations early too for the same reason. If you have a theme in mind for the living room, take the time to sketch out ideas and play with creations. Play with snowflakes, garlands, origami and more. The opportunities are endless once you start playing.

3) Learn new gift-wrapping techniques and set up a station for convenience. Part of the fun of receiving a present is seeing a beautiful package wrapped with care. Discover new ways of making wrapping paper, curling ribbons and wrapping bottles

Knitting And Yarn Art

Home Hobbies

4) Knit gifts for friends and family or Secret Santa at work. Again, you need to start preparing for holidays early here to be sure of a good result. Are you making Xmas jumpers for anyone? Perhaps your signature yarn art caught the eye of a colleague.

5) Knit Christmas tree ornaments. Yarn art doesn’t have to go to other people. Learn how to make knitted Christmas puddings, robins or anything else your family may ask for. They are cute and won’t break if they fall off!

6) Knit alternative wreaths. Not enough holly and ivy in the garden to make your wreath? Why not knit one for a cozy, alternative look. Again, this is a great way to create a conversation starter and save some money.


7) As that special time of year grows closer, you need to start thinking about preparing for holidays with baked goods. You could spend a fortune on items from the stores, but I find that people appreciate homemade cookies and cake much more. Also, you can never have too many.

8) The same applies to canape recipes. The sooner you look into weird and wonderful creations, the easier it is to find the ingredients and get practicing.

9) Look into mixology as an addition to your home hobbies. Drinks recipes are a must for a Christmas party. Those canapes and sweet treats need to a good cocktail to go with them. Can you learn to make a perfect Manhattan? Also, don’t forget the ice.

Preparing For Holidays Also Means Preparing For Guests

10) Decorate everything. You didn’t spend all that time knitting and crafting for nothing. Your guests will be expecting a festive room and marking you in secret on your efforts. Create something beautiful that they won’t forget.

11) Prepare the guest room. Christmas is a time for grown-up children and other guests to spend some time in the home. Make them feel welcome with new bedsheets, home comforts, and festive decorations. Maybe even chocolate on their pillow?

12) Take your time with childproofing for grandkids, nieces and nephews. If you have little family members round, you need to make sure that the place is safe. Keep them away from the kitchen and provide a safe room to play.

13) Then there is the adult-proofing for aunts and uncles that have had too much to drink. They may be more likely to have an accident than the kids. Make sure that you know where the first aid kit and fire extinguisher are. Hangover cures are also appreciated.

14) Clean the kitchen. I left this one out as long as I could because it’s as far removed from fun home hobbies as you can get. However, the oven, fridge, and other necessary items must be clean and functional for the big day.

15) Finally, stay organized on the big day. When you have ticked off all the elements above, it is time to prove your worth as Christmas hostess. Stay organized and on top of the everything to keep in-laws in check.


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