Whistling In The Dark Product Reviews Finding The Best Wall-Mounted Fireplaces For 2018

Finding The Best Wall-Mounted Fireplaces For 2018

Wall Mounted Fireplaces

There is nothing like sitting beside an inviting fire at the end of a long day. Curling up on the couch with family and letting the roaring flames carry your worries away. The problem is that real fireplaces aren’t that practical in many homes. Some newer properties don’t even have chimneys anymore, so how can you add a fireplace?  The next best thing is wall mounted electric fireplaces that mimics the ambiance and the warmth of the real thing.

The question is, how do buyers know that they have a good deal and a great product? We turned to TopRatedFirePlaceInserts.com to create this guide will present some of the best wall mounted electric fireplaces for 2018. Before going shopping, it helps to know what to look out for. Then as you prepare for the holidays consider retrofitting one into your home.

Importance Of Researching An Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Insert

A fireplace can make or break the look and feel of a living room, master bedroom, or another cozy den. These electric devices should offer the best possible look and heat source for space. This means a fire that is pleasing to the eye, but also effective enough to handle the space.

It is all about balancing the aesthetics and the practicalities. Therefore, all homeowners need to take their time when comparing the prices, features and technical details of the top brands.

The top models mentioned here rank on a key set of criteria.

There are lots of important considerations when choosing the best electric fireplace for the home. This guide will focus on five of the most important to help separate the products. They are as follows:

  • the ease of installation
  • the quality of the heat source
  • the look of the fireplace in the room
  • the materials used for this performance and look
  • the cost

Installation methods are an important consideration when buying the new wall mounted fireplaces.

There are a few different ways to display these fireplaces. Most will have either flush mounted or recessed brackets depending on the desired look. Some also come with stands for a free-standing model. However, this never looks quite as authentic or impressive. Most will come with all the right hardware, with no need for an electrical contractor is not necessary. Still, a professional installation may help.

Then there is the quality of the heat source for the fire’s primary purpose.

Most of the best wall mounted electric fireplaces for 2018 will offer a range of heat settings for optimal comfort. This should come from a powerful heater. Buyers should be aware that the heat delivery vents on these electric fireplaces are either at the top or the bottom. This means some consideration of what is in the vicinity. Be careful of other furniture, plants or the placement of the TV.

The look of this electric device is essential if it will replace a real fire.

The look of the fire refers to the quality and color of the LED lights and flame effects. Some have more options than others. The materials go a long way to enhancing or destroying the visual appeal of an electric fireplace as well. Some provide embers, rocks or glass for an interesting effect. This can look cheap or appealing depending on the finish.

The Best Wall Mounted Fireplaces Under $200

The following set of top wall mounted electric fireplaces covers different options by price. The first set covers all those under $200. These are the more affordable options for those on more of a budget. Buyers might not get as much for their money, but there are still some great options available.

1) The Best Choice Products Large 1500W Fireplace Heater:

approx. $140

This Best Choice model is one of the cheapest options around. It is a great choice for homeowners on a budget that want all the basic needs covered, but nothing too fancy. This heat adjustable electric device has dual heat settings of 750W and 1500W. This goes with the simple 3D flame tech.

This is a lower heat than bigger brands and a minimal effect. However, it also comes with free-standing stand, tempered glass heater, and a remote control. This should be pretty easy to use, with few complaints about the function. It is simple, reliable and easy to the eye.

2) Gibson Living Soho 35 Inch Curved Pebble Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace:

around $170

Soho 35 Inch Curved Pebble

The price difference here is marginal, and won’t make too much difference for those that prefer the look of this model. Here there are different ways to enjoy the heat and sight of the flames. There are high and low heats with the flame effect. However, users can keep the lights on with no heat on warmer days.

This simple addition means that this isn’t just a product for the winter. That high heat comes from a powerful fan heater. The look of this fireplace is appealing with the curved shape and black. It is sleek, yet still demands attention. Again, there is a remote control in the box so users can handle the settings from the comfort of the couch.

3) Urbana Muskoka 35″ Curved Wall Mount Electric Fireplace:

about $170

Here we have a different model, and brand, at a similar price point. There are similarities in the effect of the heat and settings. Once again, there is a chance to use this with just the flames in warmer weather. However, there is a warning here that this is only for use as supplemental heat, not primary heat. This suggests that it is a little weak.

The plus side here is the inclusion of more decorative elements. There is a choice of crushed glass, the more traditional logs or clear stone embers. This product is easy to install with the thin, “easy mount” hanger.

4) Northwest Wall Mounted LED Fire and Ice Flame Electric Fireplace:

approx. $200

The last option in this range just hits that $200 mark. It is still an affordable option for many homes but goes a little further in its design. To begin with, this is a much wider model at 42 inches. There is also a wider choice for users in the mounting hardware and decorative elements.

The main selling point here is that idea of the fire and ice contrast. Users can switch between the two different flame effects. One provides a sense of warmth with the amber LEDs, the other a cool ambiance with the blue. This fireplace is also adjustable to either 750 or 1500W with the option of the remote control.

The Best Wall Mounted Fireplaces Under $500

Then we have these wall mounted electric fireplaces in the middle price brackets. Here buyers have a more expensive model that should offer a little more regarding quality than the cheaper brands. There isn’t the high cost of the most expensive fireplaces. This is a big investment, but consumers still want to spend wisely.

1) Elite Flame Ashford 50″ Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Black:

around $250

This Elite Flame model isn’t that much more expensive than the last model mentioned. There is high praise for the quality of the materials and look of the device. The bright flames stand out against the black unit and the heaters are powerful. The promise here is that it can heat up to 400sq.ft on the highest setting. This should be fine for most small living rooms or offices. There is also a flame effect-only mode for during the day.

Another interesting feature here is the fact that this is completely ventless. This should increase installation options. Buyers still need enough clearance for the TV but have fewer concerns about plants and furniture.

2) Warm House VWWF-10306 Valencia Electric Fireplace:

just over $300

(Source: Farooq Hameed)

This Warm House model is another that classes as widescreen. These widescreen models are appealing for that broad strip of flames beneath and equally wide television. Here the flames are a little more traditional with the logwood effect, rather than basic flames. There are two heat settings of 750 or 1500W, with the added benefit of the remote control.

There is another bonus feature here in the shut-off if the model overheats. This safety feature brings some welcome peace of mind for consumers. It should also be easy to install, with the minimal hardware and lack of further assembly.

3) ClassicFlame 47II100GRG Felicity 47″ Wall Mounted Infrared Quartz Fireplace:

approx. $450

The price jumps up a little with this widescreen model. There are pros and cons here depending on the reason for buying this fireplace. The negative side is the heat produced, especially compared to some of the models already mentioned. There is a 5,200 BTU heater for “supplemental” heating of no more than 1,000sq.ft. This is a small area, so won’t suit those looking to heat a larger living room.

The main selling point here is the look rather than the heat. This wall-mounted or free-standing fireplace uses Spectrafire effect in blue or amber flames. This works with either fire glass, driftwood or river rocks. A series of color-changing LED sidelights to complete the look.

The Best Wall Mounted Fireplaces over $500

This third set of top wall mounted fireplaces covers those on the higher end of the price scale. These should offer a higher quality of the product, with more options and features. This isn’t always the case, however. Some would say that there are some similarities between these more expensive models and the more affordable ones.

1) Caesar Fireplace Caesar Luxury Linear Wall Mount 60 inch Electric Fireplace:

around $770

Caesar Luxury Linear Wall Mount

This first Caesar fireplace model in the top end of the scale is the largest yet. This extreme widescreen effect will appeal to many users in larger spaces. The other reason for this higher price tag is the range of options compared to cheaper models.

To begin with, this fireplace has three installation options, as it can also fit into a recess or stand freely. There are12 flame and flame bed colors, with additional 16 colors to the LED backlight. Then there are also six different media bed kits to enhance the look. They are Morocco Dream, Tahiti Getaway, Falling Stars, Winter Flakes, Treasure Hunt and Glamour Night. This is all controlled via a simple remote for ease of use.

2) Napoleon EFL50H Linear Wall Mount Electric Fireplace:

around $850

This Napoleon fireplace option is an interesting one to end on because of its features and price tag. This is the most expensive by far but doesn’t seem to do as much as the Caesar model above. There is no doubt that this 50-inch model is of a high quality and provides enough heat.

There are three heat settings up to 1500W and a nice use of crystalline embers on the bed. There aren’t that many color options or effects. There are orange flames, blue flames or a combination of the two. Users can adjust the intensity with the remote, but that is about it.

Does price matter for 2018?

This wall mounted electric fireplaces comparison shows that while the prices vary between the products, there are a lot of similarities. The most expensive models don’t get that much hotter than those in the middle of the price range. However, they do offer more tricks and aesthetic features to make the fireplace stand out.

The lowest priced models can’t dazzle in the same way. They don’t have the same color ranges and effects. They still provide as much heat as many mid-range models. They are also well made and easy to install.

Choosing The Right Fireplace For Space

In the end, the best choice for wall mounted electric fireplaces in 2018 doesn’t depend solely on cost. A budget is important, but so is the vision of the room. If a widescreen model would suit the space best, then this is the right option – regardless of cost.

Features like the heat settings, the inclusion of a remote and even the LEDs on the sides could be enough to seal the deal. This is why all buyers need to compare the available models carefully. Don’t assume that they all look the same and act the same. The small details and technical specs could make all the difference.  Figure out which features are most important to you and your family, narrow down your list, and then set a budget on price.   Enjoy snuggling up with your comfy blanket on your sofa watching the flickering flames dance in from of you this holiday season.


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