Whistling In The Dark Month: May 2017

Month: May 2017

Cleaning Products That Work Great In My House

Best Cleaning Products In Home

Spring cleaning is a term that fills many people with dread. I used to be the same. That all changed when I realized I was going about it all wrong. I had multiple products for the same function, cluttering up my kitchen cabinet.  By changing my selection of cleaning products, I was able to get a better result and reduce my time.

That even got to the point where I enjoyed using some of the products because they were so much easier to use, effective and nice smelling. Try out some of my favorites from this list and see if you agree. These products could change the way you clean and save you time and …

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Use Technology to Ease Spring Cleaning This Year

The yearly spring cleaning is a job that either fills homeowners with dread or excitement. Some are apprehensive about the task because they know how tough it will be. Doing a good job requires a lot of hard work. This is easier said than done in some busy households, and homeowners are understandably keen to find an easier option.

Then there are those that look forward to the chance to get the home spotless. The annual clean is an excuse to upgrade cleaning equipment for the best result. Whichever camp consumers find themselves in, there is one simple answer to the problem: RobotsInMyHome’s excellent robot vacuum guide

Robotic vacuum cleaners are a great aid for any household, no matter their …

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