Spring Cleaning Your Pool With Robotic Pool Cleaners

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews

When it comes to spring cleaning our homes, it is easy to spend all our time and energy on the interior of the property. A neglected kitchen or bathroom can be a chore in itself. But what about the exterior? I don’t just mean giving the window a wash or the front door a lick of paint.

What about your pool?

Your outdoor pool needs some attention-getting it ready for the Summer season. Luckily, there are plenty of new robotic pool cleaners out there ready to do the job. Here I have compiled some tips and product reviews to help you choose the best option.

Why Turn To Robotic Pool Cleaners For Spring Cleaning Your

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Finding The Best Wall-Mounted Fireplaces For 2018

There is nothing like sitting beside an inviting fire at the end of a long day. Curling up on the couch with family and letting the roaring flames carry your worries away. The problem is that real fireplaces aren’t that practical in many homes. Some newer properties don’t even have chimneys anymore, so how can you add a fireplace?  The next best thing is wall mounted electric fireplaces that mimics the ambiance and the warmth of the real thing.

The question is, how do buyers know that they have a good deal and a great product? We turned to TopRatedFirePlaceInserts.com to create this guide will present some of the best wall mounted electric fireplaces for 2018. Before going shopping, …

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15 Kid-Friendly Crafts You Can Do At Home

Best Tips For Kid-Friendly Crafts

As parents, we can never have too many activities in the house for our children to keep them entertained. At this time, the last task we want to do is buying them toys and gifts. The solution comes in passing on our home hobbies to our children through kid-friendly crafts. Here are 15 great arts and crafts activities to enjoy.



1) Kids are never too old to get into papercraft. Paper planes are the perfect example of classroom mischief with a hidden skill. Teach your children to make aerodynamic planes and create a target board for competitive play.

2) Once planes become boring, move into some other shapes and designs with origami. Origami frog

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History Of Knitting And Key Knitting Terms

Knitting Terms

The history of knitting is something we often overlook. Surely such a simple, primitive technique has remained the same for the last few centuries? What we don’t realize is that the origin of knitting and knitting terms go back much further.

They reach the times of Danish Nalebinding and Middle Eastern techniques. In fact, the oldest knitted artifacts are 11th-century Egyptian socks. After all, to “knit” is simply to “knot” and we have made items this way for a very long time.

Hand Knitting Leads The Way For Centuries Until The Rise Of Mechanized Processes


Hand knitting is what we tend to think of when we think of knitting. One person with two needles and some yarn …

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Cleaning Products That Work Great In My House

Best Cleaning Products In Home

Spring cleaning is a term that fills many people with dread. I used to be the same. That all changed when I realized I was going about it all wrong. I had multiple products for the same function, cluttering up my kitchen cabinet.  By changing my selection of cleaning products, I was able to get a better result and reduce my time.

That even got to the point where I enjoyed using some of the products because they were so much easier to use, effective and nice smelling. Try out some of my favorites from this list and see if you agree. These products could change the way you clean and save you time and …

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Use Technology to Ease Spring Cleaning This Year

The yearly spring cleaning is a job that either fills homeowners with dread or excitement. Some are apprehensive about the task because they know how tough it will be. Doing a good job requires a lot of hard work. This is easier said than done in some busy households, and homeowners are understandably keen to find an easier option.

Then there are those that look forward to the chance to get the home spotless. The annual clean is an excuse to upgrade cleaning equipment for the best result. Whichever camp consumers find themselves in, there is one simple answer to the problem: RobotsInMyHome’s excellent robot vacuum guide

Robotic vacuum cleaners are a great aid for any household, no matter their …

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Review Of The Margaritaville Mixed Drink Machine

Best Margaritaville Drink Machine Review

Margaritaville Mixed Drink Machine are big business for Jimmy Buffet’s growing empire.  We all want to be able to create the cocktails associated with the Parrothead lifestyle and make them with ease.

There are many machines designed to offer large batches of frozen concoctions to large groups. However, the new Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker takes a slightly different approach.

My Margaritaville drink review will take a closer look.

Why Have A Single Cocktail Mix When You Can Have 48?

Mixed Drink Maker

The main selling point with this Margaritaville Mixed Drink Machine is the fact that it creates such a wide variety of drinks. There are four different containers in place that allow users to add four …

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Knitting A Blanket Super-Sized

Knitting A Blanket In Free Time

Oversized blankets are quite the fashion accessory for the home. These large, cozy blankets have a practical use as a warm cover for a bed or sofa. At the same time, they look great draped over furniture for a soft look. This popularity and the scale of the blanket mean they are not cheap. However, I have discovered a great alternative. The Giganto Blanket is a great knitting project for anyone that wants one of this products at home without the high cost. All you need are the appropriate materials, 4 hours of free time and some perseverance.

So How Do You Go About Knitting A Blanket Of This Size And Scale?


I will …

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My Fav Valentine Cookie Recipe

Best Cookie Recipe

I know the main focus of this blog is knitting and yarn craft, but baking is a craft too. Besides, don’t we all deserve a little treat once we finally finish the big project we’ve been slaving over? This cookie recipe has some purposes for us keen knitters.

First, they are a delicious treat. Second, they are Valentine cookies, so make a great additional gift alongside other craft items at this time of year. Third, they are a project you can share with a loved one. That may be in order after you’ve huddled up in a corner with your needles, yarn, and iPod for hours. (Is that last one just me?).

Treat Your Family, And

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Tips For Cleaning Red Wine Out Of Clothing

Stain Removing From Clothes

Stains and dirt are an unavoidable inconvenience with our clothes, but some are worse than others. Personally, there is nothing more annoying than red wine on a beloved knitted sweater. The good news is that red wine stain removing is easy with these cloth cleaning tips.

The First Piece Of Advice That I Have Is To Think Fast!

The last thing you want is a big stain of merlot ruining your favorite sweater. In an ideal situation, you will take it off straight away and start the cleaning methods while the wine is wet. The longer it stays there, the chance it has of sleeping in, drying and becoming a permanent issue. This is easier said …

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Prepare Your Home For The Holidays

Crafts And Home Hobbies – Christmas Holidays

When is the best time to start preparing for holidays? It all depends on how laid back you are. I like to start on my craft projects early so that there are still a fun hobby, not a chore. Crafts and home hobbies make Christmas even more special, and there are many ways to incorporate them into your celebrations. I have compiled 15 top tips for decorating, crafting and welcoming guests. Let’s start by looking at some top ideas for papercraft, knitting, and baking.


Christmas Cards

1) Make Christmas cards thank you notes and place cards early in the month. This means you have time to craft them with care and come up …

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How To Knit A Scarf

Designing A Knitting Scarf

Scarves should be the easiest thing to knit because they are just rows of stitches and blocks of color. We determine how long and thick they are and what colors to use. They may be simple, but we all have to start somewhere.

I started with scarves and remember how nervous I was about knitting scarf patterns. I worried about casting on, changing yarn and making it all look neat. In this guide, I want to talk about how to knit a scarf in 10 easy steps. Ten may seem like a lot but trust me, many of these knitting steps are small and easy.

1) Find Your Yarn

See, the first step doesn’t even …

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7 Steps To Deep Clean Your Home

Best Cleaning  Methods For Your Home

Spring cleaning is something we all have to do, but that doesn’t mean that we have to look forward to the task. I try and be good at blocking out a week in my calendar months in advance. The whole week with no distractions and a focus on cleaning. That doesn’t mean I don’t groan when I flip the page and see it. This year I decided to prepare early.

I came up with a seven-day plan of attack split between different rooms. I worked so well I’m doing it again in 2017. I thought I would share my cleaning methods and ideas to inspire you maybe to do the same. So, let’s begin …

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Leftover Yarn Art

Knitting Project

A few months ago I had a moment of realization during my knitting. I’m always left with scraps of yarn from knitting and crochet projects. So what should I do? Should I throw the leftover strands away after each session and waste expensive, precious wool? That seems a shame when I have spent so much on materials and so much time crafting the project.

Maybe you like me and have a bag of loose pieces from different segments of scarves and jumpers. I looked at this mass of multicolored yarn and realized I needed a use for them. No strand is worthless. Instead, we can use them to create beautiful yarn art. What is yarn art? Any …

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